Technical translations

The translation of technical texts requires linguistic skills as well as a thorough knowledge of the field to be translated. The terminology used in the field of technical translations must be strictly adhered to.

My professional experience in Germany and France allows me to offer technical translations in the following fields (non-exhaustive):

  • civil engineering,
  • mechanical engineering,
  • automotive technology,
  • environmental technology,
  • home automation,
  • plasma applications,
  • food processing,
  • metallurgy,
  • maritime technology.
Example of technical translations for Hüttinger Elektronik GmbH
Example of technical translations for Hüttinger Elektronik GmbH

Examples of technical translations include :

  • instruction manuals,
  • operating instructions,
  • technical data sheets and specifications,
  • maintenance manuals,
  • test reports,
  • specialized articles,
  • soil surveys for construction projects (e.g., wind turbine installations).

I am also a translator/interpreter and official facilitator for ASI (Assurance Services
International), the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
certification bodies.